Social Rehabilitation
Spiritual Projects
India with its rich culture and number of religions, spirituality and faith has endless scope. At Pandhe Group, we are propelled by this faith in higher power and therefore we have built many spiritual centers driven by faith and devotion with real architectural insight.
• Empathetic construction of 8 churches for ‘Churches of North India’ (CNI), among the tribal regions of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

• In order to provide full-fledged religious infrastructure on these Tsunami stricken islands, a comprehensive design was formulated first keeping in mind all the building and safety codes.

• Several worship center design elements such as high ceilings to create acoustics needed for praying and well-allocated symmetrical altar area for un-obstructive view, were given extra attention.

• These well thought and executed buildings served as a welcome change and reinforced the lives of countless Tsunami victims.

• Development of a spiritual center in the gorgeous valleys of Sahyadri Mountains provides an ideal mix of serenity and spirituality to its visitors.

• Scope of work included building of temple shrines and a training center that act as an infrastructure to conduct educative and entertaining camps for children, boarding facilities comprising of a large kitchen and dining hall and an international convention hall that seats 2000 people.

• The vast project was divided into 3 phases and the already made phase 1 included vast range of work ranging from building temples to parks to landscaping and fencing.

• Exquisite planning and designing went into creation of an Enlightenment Park that acts as a multimedia center for imparting vedantic teachings of great masters.

• Construction of the famed Gajanan Maharaj Mandir, a pilgrimage center in the district of Solapur that provides solace to millions of devotees all over India.

• The scope of work involved building some serene meditation centres, convention halls, atithi nivas (guest house) for lodging and boarding, especially to cater to the needs of thousands of pilgrimages.

• Detailed and authentic design execution meant that every inch of the temple is carved out, a site which often leave its visitors in awe.

• Dynamic vision along with miraculous architecture and designing was required to bring out the best of such wonderful artefacts and sculptures.

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