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Overseas Projects
Our quest to reach new heights and fulfill aspirations of the Group has enabled us to erase national boundaries and enter the international construction arena. Till date we have undertaken various infrastructural and industrial projects abroad adhering of international quality standards and have been able to execute these projects with excellence.
• Construction of dam gates for hydroelectric power station at Owen Falls Dam across the White Nile near Lake Victoria in Uganda.

• Scope of work included installment of bulk gates, intake gates, draft tube gates and spillway gates.

• Strict commitment to international working procedures and time schedules was kept in mind during preliminary development that included preparation of conceptual design and detailed geometrical design for tendering.

• The expertise influenced construction required rigorous feasibility studies, field surveys, investigations for topographic & hydrographic conditions, economic analysis, tender documentation and procurement for structural and civil works.

• Complete turnkey jobs for 3 sugar factories in high altitude regions of Nepal.

• Scope of work included construction of main factory building, godowns, excise office, reservoirs, spray ponds, hot and cold water channel, machinery foundation, etc.

• These majestic industrial units act as base for industry and exports and needed exhaustive approach towards planning and organizing because of its difficult terrain.

• The final execution of the projects was implemented according to stringent international quality standards and it was made sure that the projects were completed within the time limit.

• Construction of structurally stunning spirit distilleries in the mountains of Nepal with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

• The gigantic scale of this project involved some dynamic structural planning with extra caution to safety due to its remote location.

• To fulfill all the terms, conditions and requirements of the project, innovative engineering solutions like wide systems implementation and logistics consulting was undertaken during execution.

• Additional drawings and sketches that assure quality control were prepared so that the distilleries have better resource utilization capacity.

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