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Institutional Projects
We believe that education installs the power of thought among the youth making them stronger to fight any kind of adversity, making them responsible and thoughtful citizens. We are committed to provide education a place of its own and therefore we have been continuously overcoming challenges to cater to the unique needs of an ideal education environment.
• Construction of building for one of the largest interactive science centers in India in the city of Solapur.

• Scope of work included extended campus architecture with some very diverse requirements such as air-conditioned auditorium, training centres, innovative labs, cafeteria and a large parking area. The structure also included wide range of associate works such as RCC super structure, underground water reservoir, sanitation amenities, plumbing & drainage works.

• The main feature of such extensive construction project was an exhibition hall that holds many permanent science expositions, workshops, symposiums, exhibitions and events.

• The basic objective of this science centre was to create scientific temper and encourage the attitude of curiosity among the younger generation, the budding scientists and decision makers of tomorrow.

• Construction of a pioneering main building for the proposed New Technology Campus of Kolkata University with a total built-up area of 497 piles and plinth area of 3000 sq. m

• Scope of the work for this technology center that serves as a teaching facility to many future scientists included some ultra modern facilities like state-of-the-art Nanotech and Sound engineering labs.

• To offer an overall study environment to students, serene landscapes along with comfortable workspaces, training rooms and conference rooms were included as a part of this exquisite structure.

• The vastness of the project and the number of people it serves compelled us to carefully consider four prime factors such as room sizes, raw material used, flawless drainage systems and excellent ventilation while making a site plan.
• Constructing a part of the dynamic building of the Indian School of Business, a top ranked business school in India. With L&T as the main contractor, Pandhe Group feels proud to be part of the team.

• Scope of work - solid block masonry, plastering, concreting, cladding and stone finishing work.

• Execution of a stunning vertical profile with extra spacious lobbies and wide corridors.

• Construction in an educational environment required aggressive time scheduling prior to the execution to ensure proper segmentation of space; our team successfully overcame constraints of space allocation, division, etc by ascertaining various such techniques.

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